Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Picture Scavenger Hunt

For FHE we had a picture scavenger hunt. We had to get a picture of each person in our group with something that started with each letter of the alphabet. Which ever group accomplished this the fastest... won.

Here is what our group came up with.

A- Apple
B- Bush
C- Curb
D- Door
E- Earring
F- Fire Lane
G- Grass
H- House
I- Insect
J- Jay
K- Keys
L- Lip Gloss
M- Money
N- Nike Shirt
O- Oranges
P- Pitcher
Q- Quilt
S- Sandals
T- Trash
U- Umbrella
V- Vase
W- Wheel Chair
X- eXpence (in the sign.... yeah, we were stretching it)
Y- Yellow line
Z- Zebra print phone

Monday, June 18, 2012

Outdoor Movie

Summer is upon us in full swing now, and we couldn't be more excited! The days are hot and the nights warm. We're starting to do a lot more outdoor activities and it's awesome.

We have this great neighbor, he's really good about planning trips and activities and inviting everyone. This week he put together an outdoor movie! We have the perfect place for it here in our neighborhood, just at the end of our row of houses there is a small grassy area. The movie chosen; The Sandlot. Not only do I love this movie, but I think it's the perfect summer movie!

About 9pm it got dark enough to start the movie. Neighbor guy set up a projector and showed the movie on the side of the house!

It was so awesome, and there was a really good turn out of people!

Me and Tracy had the best seats in the house! Front row of course...

Happy Hour all the time!

Our Stake has started summer softball! There's a game every Tuesday against another ward...our ward (233rd) is so far undefeated! We just play to have fun!

Just after we won our 2nd game the neighbor girls and I decided we needed to celebrate! And what better a way than to cruise to Sonic and get a delicious treat! 6 of us girls piled into my truck and drove on over. See we like to take my truck to Sonic because I have this awesome sticker on my window that gets you any drink for only $1.39!! And the sticker is valid for an entire year. It's like having happy hour all the time! So we get to Sonic and order our drinks, while we're waiting we notice a VIP board on their window with a bunch of people's pictures on it. Uhm we need to get on that board! We have a 'VIP' drink sticker and we come to Sonic enough that they should definitely put us up there!

As the waiter rolls out on his skates with our order of course we asked him 'How do we get on the board?!', he thought about it then realized he didn't know. We sent him back inside to find out. He rolls back out and informs us that all we need to do it bring in a picture and they will post it. Easy enough for us! 

Picture: Check! 

Sonic stuck to their promise and put us right up on that board! Thanks Sonic :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Coloring Book

Yes, coloring book for church is on the list. So what if we are in our 20's going on 10. The best part about this coloring book is that I made it out of our favorite pictures that Vicki and I picked out. We get to color ourselves! It is pretty awesome if you ask me. I recommend it. I know that everyone at church was jealous that we were coloring and they weren't.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Heavy Hitters

The newest addition to The List; batting cages.
This is mostly thanks to the Pass of All Passes. Here in Utah the pass is gold! It's valid for a year and will get you into several amusement and water parks for free! So of course we got one! Unlimited summer fun here we come!

One afternoon my adopted roommates (Tara & Tracy) and I headed down to get our picture taken for The Pass. While there we decided to try out the batting cages, they were a little ghetto and we had to take turns sharing a bat and helmet.

First up to bat was Tara. She coaches softball at Provo High, we figured she could show us her mad batting skills and maybe hand out some tips. She's kind of a rockstar and if it wasn't for the net, she woulda hit those balls into another neighborhood.

I was up next and ready to show those yellow balls who was boss! P.S. I don't recommend wearing flippy floppies

Finally it was Tracy's turn! She was pretty excited about it.

In fact maybe a little too excited....

Apparently she doesn't know her own strength ;) We took it to the worker guy and he was impressed a bunch of girls broke a bat. Ha what can we say, we work out

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Best Way to Use the Stairs

It's Friday night. No plans were made. We are sitting around trying to figure out what to do. We refer to the list... but it's cold outside and most of the list requires warm weather and/ or planning. Vicki, having been diagnosed with the Peter Pan Syndrome (such as myself) came up with a simple but brilliant plan. To slide down the stairs in a sleeping bag. That was all that needed to be said, I ran and got my sleeping bag and the fun started. We all (Vicki, Mindi, Tina, Jay and I) took turns and good times were had. Don't believe me? Watch the video's! :)