Monday, June 18, 2012

Outdoor Movie

Summer is upon us in full swing now, and we couldn't be more excited! The days are hot and the nights warm. We're starting to do a lot more outdoor activities and it's awesome.

We have this great neighbor, he's really good about planning trips and activities and inviting everyone. This week he put together an outdoor movie! We have the perfect place for it here in our neighborhood, just at the end of our row of houses there is a small grassy area. The movie chosen; The Sandlot. Not only do I love this movie, but I think it's the perfect summer movie!

About 9pm it got dark enough to start the movie. Neighbor guy set up a projector and showed the movie on the side of the house!

It was so awesome, and there was a really good turn out of people!

Me and Tracy had the best seats in the house! Front row of course...

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  1. I love that movie with all of my heart and outdoor movies are the best.