Monday, April 30, 2012

Heavy Hitters

The newest addition to The List; batting cages.
This is mostly thanks to the Pass of All Passes. Here in Utah the pass is gold! It's valid for a year and will get you into several amusement and water parks for free! So of course we got one! Unlimited summer fun here we come!

One afternoon my adopted roommates (Tara & Tracy) and I headed down to get our picture taken for The Pass. While there we decided to try out the batting cages, they were a little ghetto and we had to take turns sharing a bat and helmet.

First up to bat was Tara. She coaches softball at Provo High, we figured she could show us her mad batting skills and maybe hand out some tips. She's kind of a rockstar and if it wasn't for the net, she woulda hit those balls into another neighborhood.

I was up next and ready to show those yellow balls who was boss! P.S. I don't recommend wearing flippy floppies

Finally it was Tracy's turn! She was pretty excited about it.

In fact maybe a little too excited....

Apparently she doesn't know her own strength ;) We took it to the worker guy and he was impressed a bunch of girls broke a bat. Ha what can we say, we work out

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  1. ha ha ha ha!! I love your commentary on this. Good times. Next time I need gloves. You and Tara bat like a boss!!