Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Picture Scavenger Hunt

For FHE we had a picture scavenger hunt. We had to get a picture of each person in our group with something that started with each letter of the alphabet. Which ever group accomplished this the fastest... won.

Here is what our group came up with.

A- Apple
B- Bush
C- Curb
D- Door
E- Earring
F- Fire Lane
G- Grass
H- House
I- Insect
J- Jay
K- Keys
L- Lip Gloss
M- Money
N- Nike Shirt
O- Oranges
P- Pitcher
Q- Quilt
S- Sandals
T- Trash
U- Umbrella
V- Vase
W- Wheel Chair
X- eXpence (in the sign.... yeah, we were stretching it)
Y- Yellow line
Z- Zebra print phone

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