Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Hour all the time!

Our Stake has started summer softball! There's a game every Tuesday against another ward...our ward (233rd) is so far undefeated! We just play to have fun!

Just after we won our 2nd game the neighbor girls and I decided we needed to celebrate! And what better a way than to cruise to Sonic and get a delicious treat! 6 of us girls piled into my truck and drove on over. See we like to take my truck to Sonic because I have this awesome sticker on my window that gets you any drink for only $1.39!! And the sticker is valid for an entire year. It's like having happy hour all the time! So we get to Sonic and order our drinks, while we're waiting we notice a VIP board on their window with a bunch of people's pictures on it. Uhm we need to get on that board! We have a 'VIP' drink sticker and we come to Sonic enough that they should definitely put us up there!

As the waiter rolls out on his skates with our order of course we asked him 'How do we get on the board?!', he thought about it then realized he didn't know. We sent him back inside to find out. He rolls back out and informs us that all we need to do it bring in a picture and they will post it. Easy enough for us! 

Picture: Check! 

Sonic stuck to their promise and put us right up on that board! Thanks Sonic :)

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