Friday, April 20, 2012

It's like recess all over again!

It was a Saturday night and once again the adopted roommates and myself were sitting around in the living room (playing on our cell phones & computers) trying to think of something to do. So of course we started talking about 'The List', and remembered that we had wanted to play on a random playground! Rachel just happened to remember hearing about a giant wooden playground just a few minutes away. All 5 of us girls hopped in the car and drove off! Jammin to N'sync on the ride we were there before we knew it.

It was one of the prettiest playgrounds I'd ever seen! And it was huge! I was all kinds of excited to see what fun we could find.
We swung on swings, ran across bridges, slid down and ran up slides, walked on balance beams, crawled through tunnels, spun on the tire swing and pulled ourselves across the monkey bars.
Oh the fun we had! Just a few pictures we caught inbetween running around...

Play on a giant playground: Check!

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